Blackjack Card Counting

When playing at online casinos, this tip will not be of significance because you really cannot count cards online, but for those of you out there still trying to count cards at the blackjack tables, you should guard against unrealistic expectations. The astronomical sums reportedly won by counters have been largely won by pros playing in teams. As a recreational gamer playing alone, you really cannot expect results anywhere near this range. Neither can you expect that you will win every time you play the game simply because you count.

The short run fluctuations that affect all gaming  will not help  card counters either. Even card counters have bad days. Mastering a count strategy will only really provide you with the comfort of knowing that you have the best possible chance of winning and that, if you play enough, you will show a long term profit. Honestly, unless you are at home playing, counting is not still something that is ever really attainable due to the fact that the deal includes so many decks now.

Anywhere you bet, the management is going to be a bit paranoid about the possibility of a player counting cards. So, even if you could count at a place on land, you would have to avoid making the flamboyant plays (like increasing your bet by a lot) that will act as tells sending up a red flag that you are counting. This is something online gambling casinos are not necessarily concerned with, but land based place are all over it these days.

When playing this exciting version of blackjack at your favorite online casinos, be sure to give it all you’ve got. In fact, multi handed blackjack comes in many varieties within itself. Many betting hotspots just added Microgaming’s new 5 pack line up of new blackjack multi hand games too. The main difference between regular blackjack and muti handed blackjack is that you get to play up to 5 hands at a time with multi handed blackjack, whereas the regular game lets a player only play one hand at a time. For those of you out there that love speed, you will love multi handed game play.

The only caution is that you need to be able to concentrate on several hands at a time, but do not worry it is not unmanageable, it just gets expensive if you blow through 5 bets at a time actually. If you have the bank roll for it – give it a go today. 

Online gambling has many games that are not capable of gaining your attention like multi handed blackjack games do. The varieties also have several great themes too.

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