Land-Based Gaming Hosts and Perks

When you are gaming in a facility on land and can’t log onto your favorite online casinos to take advantage of their great promos check out some of promos you can get in land based facilities. Gaming hosts, customer service agents and even the pit boss is you’re key to getting some great casino perks.

These days there are of course the slots clubs that come with most any brick and mortar venue, but there are ways to get more perks from table games as well.

Gaming hosts are one of the most valuable allies you can have when it comes to getting freebies and comps – not the guy sitting next to you telling you how to bet. There are many new names hosts may go by these days, but they all do the same thing pretty much. This person will do anything with -in reason to make your visit a happy one – especially if you are staying at the facility and spending a lot of money. But, you do not have to be a high roller or a whale to get perks when gaming. Simply state your case at the beginning of your visit with a betting establishment so the host can keep an eye on your game play too.

You can find a host at the VIP desk, customer service desk or ask about them when checking in if you are staying at the place you intend to bet at a lot. This person has the ability to pass out food comps, room comps, show tickets and much more as long as you state your case and request their assistance. Now, this is not someone who is going to give you show tickets just for playing with $50 or anything, you have to stake your claim with cash. Just like you need to do when using online gambling player bonuses, you need to stay within your budget. Do not bet more money you cannot afford just because you may or may not get a free meal out of it or more player points.

These days, many online casinos are branching out to provide players from all over the world a chance to play the games they like.

Many sites now provide much more than just the regular classic table games and slots. We all love the classics, in fact the new developments in these games are terrific, but in some parts of the world other games are very popular such as backgammon and Mahjong. Skill games are the latest craze and the tournaments on the Internet are making some players very rich indeed. The next time you log on to your favorite site to play some games, check to see if they have skill games other than poker and check them out. Yes, they do require some skill to play, but you get to play some games such as backgammon one on one – so you never know who you are playing here. It is like playing poker on the Internet – you are playing against the skill of your opponent not the house.

These games are not for everyone, but as selection continues to grow – so will popularity and this means more money and more excitement. Even if you are playing for free, the excitement is palpable. As we see gaming grow, we will definitely notice new trends in gaming and new games become popular. Poker wasn’t always the king of the hill. The one game that was so popular in the 70s is backgammon and it is back on the ground running and we see many sites that are completely dedicated to this game. It is not hard to learn and the action is intense. Whatever new games you try skilled ort not, it is important that you try that’s all. Online gambling has so much to offer its players – above and beyond the usual now.

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